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Go Tabby – Give your institute wings of technology. Make education available on fingertips.

Go Tabby! The concept behind this idea is - at the time of joining, every student gets a tablet powered by a digital library application for his course content for the period he would be spending at the institution. There can be free content/paid content/privileged content. Student-Teacher interaction for every course, syllabus completed, exam review and feedback for each class can also be taken from here.

A great tool is all set to be yours. Implement one now to reduce the gap between students-teachers and making everything accessible to students.

Student Management System – This one can take your institute’s infrastructure to unparallel heights. An Education ERP - for your institution. This will also allow students to network amongst themselves to enhance peer review in education, and lo more.

Enrolment process If anything is crucial for both students and the institute after exams and results, it is admissions and enrolment. Automating this process around admissions and student enrolments will bring a fresh breeze of air in the education system. Online registration, joining process, know your campus, know your batch mates, scheduler and student time management/timetable – all this and more can be done online.

eLearning/ video library/online teaching tool – Statistics say by the end of 2011 mobile population will outgrow human population. A matter of fact is 63% of mobiles are used by people who are in anyways a part of an institute or another. Digital education is the future of teaching. It’s time your teaching methodology also goes digital. Teach online and record lectures instantly for future review, schedule guest lectures with experts all over the world, encourage distance learning programs.

Student Recruitment Portal - Institutes these days are ranked on the basis of the placement they provide. To make the world of placement digital, facilitate your students to upload resume, add companies/post graduate college, company account, placement management system, apply for a company for student, on campus interview scheduling etc.